Feather Mountain

Our album NIDUS is OUT NOW on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and several other streaming services! Check it out!

Upcoming shows!

  • February 15, Konfus, Esbjerg
  • March 6, Musikhuset Loppen, København
  • March 28, Baghuset, Aalborg
  • May 7, Dark Mental Festival, Valby
  • October 3, Prog Power Europe, Baarlo, Holland

Who are we?

Feather Mountain consists of members who share a friendship based on a mutual love for the art of prog rock and metal influenced music.

On our debut album, Nidus, we dig deep into the universe of progressive rock, pushing the genre forward through beautiful, yet brutal, vocal arrangements and technical ingenuity, which combine into a unique expression of bliss and frustration.

We do not have a fear of sounding too soft or too hard. The band feels an urge to integrate vulnerability as well as viciousness in the musical interpretation of hope, hopelessness, aggression and redemption.

The band was founded in 2017 by bass player Andreas Dahl-Blumenberg, drummer Christian Dahl-Blumenberg and singer Mikkel Lohmann, who have played music together since 2013. They were joined by guitarists Jens Baalkilde Andersen and Oliver Ramstedt in 2018 and started gigging at various venues in Copenhagen. Half a year later in the spring of 2019, we recorded the album Nidus in collaboration with producer Johan Emanuel Jørgensen.